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It’s Bigger Than the Boat

Our work is powered by the belief that all children are capable of learning and thriving.
Experiential, hands-on, project based education is essential for engaging and inspiring students.

There is so much left to do to transform our education system so that all youth can be the builders of their own lives. Wind & Oar Boat School is dedicated to making that transformation a reality.

What We Do

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We engage students in their own learning and inspire them to envision possibilities. Our supporters generosity changes students lives by building more than a boat.

Amplifying Earth Day throughout April.

Wind & Oar continues to adapt to the increasing challenges facing schools and other institutions.

  • Suzanne Bonamici, U.S. Representative, Oregon 1st District

    “Several years ago, I visited with some of the students at the Wind & Oar Boat School…. I was impressed with the new skills they were learning and how poised and confident they were as they went about their work.”

Thank you to our generous supporters:

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