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Sponsor a boat

Become a Sponsor

Sponsored projects are ones where students build a boat to order for a project sponsor. The sponsor pays a fee that covers some of the project costs and then owns the boat when the students are done. These are generally long term projects, taking 6 months or more, with the boat being built using traditional wooden boat building techniques. Join our growing list of sponsors of traditional wooden boats finely crafted by local high school students.

Past Sponsors

Norm Eder
Former Board Chair of Wind & Oar Boat School

Tom Garnier
CEO, SSI Shredding Systems

Roger Nielsen
CEO, Daimler Trucks North America (retired)

Tim Boyle
CEO, Columbia Sportswear

Portland General Electric
for CEO, Jim Piro (retired)

Ryan Hopkins

You will be inspiring determination, perseverance, and critical thinking skills in students who have rarely been offered such an opportunity. Get started by sending us an email at for more information.

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    Whitehall 14'