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  • fair

    "a fair curve": when building a boat a " fair" line is one that is smooth as it can be as it follows the path it takes around the hull of a boat. A line that is fair is free of extraneous bumps or hollows.

  • freeboard

    the distance between the water line and the deck when boat is loaded. Boats using sheltered waters can have low freeboard while seagoing vessels need high freeboard

  • garboard


    the strake (plank) immediately adjacent to the keel in a traditional wooden boat.
    (the first plank on)

  • lofting


    Scaling boat design prints to full scale patterns through complex mathematics to assure accuracy of curves

  • painter

    a short rope tied to the bow of a small boat, used to pull boat up on beach, or tie to dock, or to larger boat.

  • quarterknee

    Curved piece of wood forming a brace between the side and transom of a small wooden boat. On a Bevin's Skiff, these pieces are functional and decorative.

  • sistering

    woodworking /problem solving: affixing a supplementary piece of wood to provide support extra support

  • starboard


    The right side of the boat. Towards the right-hand side of a vessel facing forward. [1] Denoted with a green light at night. Derived from the old steering oar or steerboard which preceded the invention of the rudder. Note the starboard oar managed by the coxswain in this image.

  • A rabbet or rebate is a recess or groove cut into the edge of a piece of machinable material, usually wood. When viewed in cross-section, a rabbet is two-sided and open to the edge or end of the surface into which it is cut.

  • scarf joint

    scarf joint

    a joint connecting two pieces of timber in which the ends are beveled so they fit over one another (making two pieces into one)

  • a navigation tool used to estimate the speed of a vessel over the water. The tool is tied to the taffrail (stern railing on vessel) with a log and line of rope with knots: sailor counts the knots over the water to estimate speed

  • transom


    The aft of a boat that connects the port and starboard sections of the hull.

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